International Reference Ionosphere - IRI-2001

This page enables the computation and plotting of IRI parameters: electron and ion (O+, H+, He+, O2+, NO+) densities, total electron content, electron, ion and neutral (CIRA-86) temperatures, equatorial vertical ion drift and others. The output is given as a function of one user-selected independent variable. Please acknowledge SPDF/Modelweb in publications that use data and plots from this interface.

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* Select Date and Time
Note:If date is outside the Ap index range (1960-2007/03), then STORM model will be turned off.
Month: Day(1-31):
Time Hour of day (e.g. 1.5):
* Select Coordinates
Coordinates Type
Latitude(deg.,from -90. to 90.): Longitude(deg.,from 0. to 360.)
Height (km, from 60. to 2000.):
Note: Note: For Profile types other than 'Height' the user can enter Height=0. to obtain peak heights and densities,
or Height= -1. to obtain bottomside/valley parameters and plasma frequencies.
or Height= -2. to obtain F-region equ. vert. ion drift and F1 occurrence parameters
* Select a Profile type and its parameters:
Start Stop Stepsize

Optional Input:
Sunspot number(Rz12) Ionospheric index(IG12)
Electron content: Upper boundary (km., from 50. - 2000. )
F peak model Bottomside Thickness Ion Composition
foF2 Storm model Topside Te D-Region Ne
F1 occurrence probability:

Note: User may specify the following two parameters only for Profile type 'Height':
NmF2/cm-3 (1000.-100000000.) or foF2/MHz(2.-14.):
hmF2/km (100. - 1000.) or M(3000)F2(1.5 - 4.):

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